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Sonia Bawa

"Cancer caused her pain, but war made her cry"



               Sonia and her dog Acorn in Sonia's room                                        Movie -- "Remembering Sonia"

On Sunday the 23rd of January Sonia passed away due to complications arising from treatment for her leukemia. She passed the same way that she lived her life, with dignity and peace..

The Bawa Family would love to hear from you. Please send email to Sonia's Mother. Sonia's Mom, Beena:

To learn more about Sonia, you can visit Sonia's Smile where you view pictures of Sonia

Contributions can be sent to "Sonia's Smile" P.O. Box 272574, Fort Collins, CO 80527 -- checks can made out to 'Sonia Bawa Memorial Fund' or to 'Sonia's Smile'. Thanks!

Recently, Ken Salazar (Colorado Senator) wrote a letter to President Bush requesting a meeting with the President & Sonia's parents in order that they can present him with all the letters that Sonia has collected.

In honor of Sonia's cause for peace, a group of Fort Collins' residents folded 1400 cranes Cranes For-Sonia and visited Hiroshima in Japan to place them in the memorial park built to commemorate Sadako, a peace activist who also succumbed to leukemia as a result of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima

Recent Press


Coloradoan ( Peace demonstration, March 20)

CSU's Collegian (February 10)


Total Number of Letters I've far: 1109
We have finally reached Sonia's goal of at least 1000 letters!
But keep them coming, we are still collecting them and listing them on this website



Our Goal: To double the national cancer research budget by asking President Bush to put the war on hold for one month.

The Action Plan

  • Number One: Write a letter to President Bush asking him to put  the war in Iraq on hold for one month, so we can double the national cancer research budget.

  •  Number Two: Mail, Fax, or Scan and email your handwritten letters to me

  •  Number Three: Succeed in our goal of doubling the national cancer research budget for one year by asking President Bush to put the war on hold for one month.


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